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Your Insights Makes Us Bloom

Coral Shelters is an exceptional serviced apartment in the city of Madurai. Madurai is the heart of Tamil Nadu with all the cultural places, architectural buildings,

legal institutions and more. At Coral Shelters, we have designed our apartments keeping in mind the comforts that the perspicacious traveller needs to function seamlessly given the hectic schedules and deadlines that are being juggled daily. Our guest is the inspiration behind crafting the idea of Coral Shelters. Our goal is to fill your stay with warm, cosy and happy memories. We offer affordable and top-notch accommodation. 


Welcome To

We are always awestruck and spellbound by the flocks of wonderful people pouring into our dear city Madurai every year for its culture, art, architecture, legal institutions, medical facilities and more. We want to say - welcome and thank you. You are the inspiration behind project CORAL SHELTERS service apartments, our show of gratitude by filling you with wonderfully warm, cosy, happy memories of your short stay in Madurai that we hope you will always cherish. 


The apartment stay was very pleasant and comfortable. The staffs & security was very polite and helpful, the location was very convenient and silent nature. It was a wonderful experience. Good hospitality.

9 months ago


A very good place to stay. Quiet and peaceful place. Maintained well. Especially for, bed, pillow, toilet, bathroom, dining room facilities are great. A very good, safe and decent place to stay with family.

10 months ago

Co operative Owner Polite and helpful staff neat and clean room promt service these all made our stay comfortable and pleasant I must recommend this place

5 months ago

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