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We are always awestruck and spellbound by the flocks of wonderful people pouring into our dear city Madurai every year for its culture, art, architecture, legal institutions, medical facilities, business and more. We want to say - welcome and thank you. You are the inspiration behind project CORAL SHELTERS service apartments, we show gratitude by filling you with wonderfully warm, cosy, happy memories of your short stay in Madurai that we hope you will always cherish. 

Whether you are on a hectic business trip or visiting Madurai with your wonderful family for a loved one’s wedding or an eager tourist looking to savour the lovely sights & sounds Madurai has to offer, we have an array of 2 bedroom and 1 bed room properties at all key locations in Madurai for your ease convenience. All our properties are fully furnished premium apartments with 24/7 security/housekeeping services, well-appreciated cleanliness and service standards, a mouthwatering home-cooked food menu option and much more. Long stay or short stay, family or single - we have your needs covered! 

Sit back, relax and enjoy your stay with us. This is your home away from home. 

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